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Oct 26, Sofia, Bulgaria

The Power of Connection

4th National Coaching Conference

Just A Few Words

About the conference

Welcome to the ICF Bulgaria Coaching Conference – Unleashing the Power of Connection!

Step into a transformative realm where the art of coaching converges with the boundless potential of connection. We invite you to join us for an unparalleled experience at the Bulgaria Coaching Conference for the 15th anniversary of the local chapter!



October 26th


A celebration of the synergy between business professionals and expert coaches.

This exceptional event is designed to ignite a profound sense of collaboration, inspiration, and growth, paving the way for a dynamic evolution in both your personal and professional life.

These Are

The speakers you will meet by joining The Power of Connection and celebrate with us our 15th Anniversary:

The Netherlands,
MCC, Leadership Expert, International Facilitator, Inspirational Speaker & Bestseller Author
Barselona, Spain
MCC, CEO of Essential Institute, Enneagram Professional, EMCC, Book author
Cape Town, South Africa PCC International Coaching Federation Regional Director: Europe and Africa
Budapest, Hungary
MCC, Lifetime Award Winner for Outstanding Coaching Work & Book author
London, UK
MCC, CEO of Optimus Coach Academy,
Book author & Podcaster
Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Graphic Facilitator, trainer and coach
Sofia, Bulgaria
Leadership coach, a PCC credential holder and ICF Bulgaria member,
Sofia, Bulgaria
PCC), Individual and team coach, Erickson Facilitator and trainer of The Art and Science of Coaching and Leader as a Coach.
Sofia, Bulgaria
MCC, Mentor Coach, Business Trainer and ICF Bulgaria Chapter President
Sofia, Bulgaria
MBA, ICF PCC, NLP & Co-founder & Managing Partner - Mentor Coaches

Agenda, October 26th

The registration will be open at 9:00 Am and welcoming coffee will be ready for you – join us, we are going to be more than happy to get to know you before the start of the vent.

Event Schedule

Oct 26, 2023
09:30 AМ

Speaker: Teodora Kamenova ICF Bulgaria & Malcolm Fiellies ICF Global

‘The Power of Connection’ and 15 years history of ICF in Bulgaria.

09:45 AМ

Our Keynote Speaker: Marco Buschman

An interactive lecture with main focus on a powerful and direct applicable perspective for coaches, Human Doings and Human Beings.

10:45 AМ

Coffee Break

11:00 AМ

Coaching in Bulgaria - 15 years overview by the three main coaching schools

Moderator: Boryana Boshnakova

Participants: Representatives of Veselka Tsocheva – Donkova from Aligned Action International, Maria Ilieva from Erickson Coaching International and Neda Alkalay from Mentor Coaches, 

12:00 AМ

Fortifying Leadership: The Power of Inner Connection in Unleashing Resilience

Speaker: Veselka Tsocheva-Donkova

In today’s ever-changing landscape, resilience isn’t a mere personal trait; it’s a multi-faceted state influenced by physiology, psychology, and social dynamics. For leaders, it stands as a vital resource, easily depleted in the swift currents of the business world. We’ll explore the specific areas where leaders might need support, or where coaches can provide invaluable assistance. 

12:20 AМ

Speaker: Miglena Doneva – Doncheff

More and more companies are placing coaching culture at the heart of their organisational strategy. Miglena will share with you
interesting facts about the elements and benefits of a living coaching culture. 

12:40 AМ

Speaker: Mariya Staykova

A quick self-reflection and exploration on our relationships across generations and our perception of youth and aging, which will allow us to have more meaningful connections with different generations.

13:00 PМ

Lunch Time

14:00 AМ

Speaker: Cris Bolivar

An interactive lecture focused on the contribution of the Enneagram, Psychology, Philosophy and Spirituality to coaching for the development of potential.

15:00 PМ

Speaker: Laura Komoscin

The audience will get a single page periodic table of coaching tools that summarize 100 coaching tools that every coach can have at hand any time.

16:00 PМ


16:15 PМ

Speaker: Ruth Kudzi

In Ruth’s lecture you will tapp into how the brain works and will understand how this impacts communication. You will learn tools how to create deeper insights through listening

17:10 PМ

Speaker: Monica Albuja

In this lecture you will take a closer look to the issues and challenges that leaders and companies face. You will explore tecniques to coach the new leadership mindset and ways to go higher and coach beyond boundaires.

18:30 PМ

Closing Coctail party

A Few Words

About the organizer

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the leading global organization for coaches and coaching. 

As part of the worldwide structure ICF Bulgaria is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession by setting high standards, providing independent certification and building a worldwide network of trained coaching professionals.

We strongly believe that coaching is an integral part of a thriving society and every ICF Member represents the highest quality of professional coaching.


Therefore we at ICF Bulgaria are aiming to contribute to every local environment and encourage not only members, but business and society leaders, people from diverse social groups and professions to step into the advancement of the coaching.

It’s our pleasure to invite you to join our 4th National Coaching conference! Organised with joined efforts of an enthusiastic group of volunteers.

Read more for ICF Global Organisation.

Read more for ICF Bulgaria Chapter.

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This is the perfect place to showcase your company, to meet with likeminded individuals, to learn more about new trends in coaching and gain exposure!

We do have a well prepared space for partners who would like to present a book, a gamification tool or another relevant to the conference topic items to our participants.

Our sponsorship packages are also available and can give a great advantages like brand presence at the event and on digital content, free event tickets, special meeting with the speakers and even more.

Please write us a short request and we will come back to you with more details.

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Connection is why we are here:
it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.

Brene Brown

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