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Mariya Staykova

PCC Coach & Mentor Coach

Maria Staykova is a passionate coach, a fascinating presenter and an adept trainer and facilitator. For almost 20 years as trainer she provoked and inspired individuals and teams to learn,  grow, expand their perspectives and improve. In 2012 she adds coaching to her toolbox, becoming an ICF credentialed coach, certified mentor-coach and later co-author and facilitator of the first Bulgarian ICF accredited coach certification program – The PULSE of Coaching©. What clients value the most in their work with Maria is her solution focused approach and ability to create and hold a space where they can awaken their genius and be empowered to take full control and responsibility of their goals and actions and show up as creators and experts of their own life. From 2016 till 2020 Mariya is a part of ICF Bulgaria’s leadership team, first as a board member and later as President, supporting the growth and development of the coaching community in Bulgaria and worldwide with passion and commitment. She is an honoree of the ICF Young Leaders Awards 2018, awarded for the first time in the same year to 6 young leaders from around the world who are poised to lead the coaching profession into the future.

Years of coaching experience – 11+

What to expect from Mariya’s lecture „Connecting Generations at Work through Coaching“:

Leading and coaching across generations can be challenging as it involves understanding of different generations. Who are the Millennials and Generations X & Z and how to engage them effectively? While methods and descriptions are helpful, they have limitations. Success in intergenerational coaching and leadership depends more on our inner preparation and self-awareness than external knowledge. This is so because our own biases and experiences with age, authority, wisdom, and youth can hinder our coaching relationships.

Whether you are a coach, leader, trainer or parent, I invite you to join us for some self-reflection on your relationships across age, your perceptions of youth and aging, and confront your thoughts on mortality. By addressing your own inner issues, you can better serve others in coaching and leadership. Awareness and reflection are essential for breaking out of patterned behaviors when dealing with generational differences in coaching.