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Rossitsa Hristeva

Graphic Facilitator, trainer and coach

My name is Rossi Hristeva. For over 20 years now my work is dedicated to supporting people in developing and unfolding their potential, skills and confidence. I have designed and delivered numerous trainings in the field of Personal development, People and Team Management, Sales Skills, Customer Service Excellence, etc. I have had the opportunity to work with the biggest international companies, as well as Bulgarian start-ups and NGOs.

I have Bachelor degrees in both Business Administration and Cultural Studies at Sofia University and currently I am making Masters degree in General Psychology. I have graduated the “The Art and Science of Coaching” Programme at Erickson College, Canada. In my work as a team and individual coach I create an environment, which helps the clients to be inspired, think of the bigger picture, take a responsibility and act creatively.

I truly believe that the key to success nowadays is not only the ability to generate creative decisions and to be a good professional, but mainly to present them in a brief, visual, inspiring and memorable way.

In 2008 I was fascinated by the power of visualisation in making ideas clear and inspiring. In my Visual Lab training I have trained more than 500 professionals how to build their visual vocabulary and use simple images in their teams and client meetings, sales pitches, notes, presentations, coaching, trainings, etc. During the last 7 years I have accelerated visualisation techniques in graphic recording conferences and events, as well as graphic facilitating teams’ vision, strategy, planning and conflict resolution meetings.