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Ruth Kudzi

MCC, CEO of Optimus Coach Academy

Ruth Kudzi is a well respected coach and coach trainer, she is the CEO of Optimus Coach Academy which provides ICF credentialed coach training (Level 1, Level 2 and CCE) as well as working with organisations on developing coaching culture and coaching skills.

Ruth has over 28 years of experience studying Psychology and Neuroscience with a BA in Psychology & Management, MA in Psychology & Education and PGCERT in Coaching (Psychology) as well as having completed numerous other courses. She is passionate about integrating Psychological approaches into coaching.

Ruth is an established leadership and business coach and has written two best selling books as well as having 3 top rated podcasts and is often featured in the press from Vogue to Business Insider to Psychologies magazine.

Years of coaching experience – 15+

What to expect from Ruth’s lecture:

This will be a evidence based session which will integrate current theories with practical advice and a live demo. You will look at how communication happens and the threat/reward model which impacts how effective we are at processing information and executive function. You will look at how to frame conversations by tapping into positive affect to ensure that the person you are communicating with is able to activate PEAs and have think more effectively. You will explore what good listening looks like and use this as the basis for the demonstration looking at how connection can be improved and the insight the person you are communicating with can be deeper (and how this creates the conditions to change and build new neural pathways in the brain) You can look at barriers to listening such as biases and assumptions and how these change how we interact.