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Cris Bolivar

MCC ICF, CEO of Essential Institute, Enneagram Professional, Supervisor ESIA, EMCC - European Mentoring & Coaching Council
  • Founder and CEO of Essential Institute.
  • 30 years accompanying processes of personal, organizational and social transformation.
  • Essential Coach MCC ICF, first Spanish to obtain it, 2004
  • First Spanish to obtain Accredited Enneagram Professional with Distinction by the IEA -International Enneagram Association-.
  • Accredited Supervisor ESIA, EMCC -European Mentoring & Coaching Council-.
  • Speaker of ICF.
  • Former Vice President of ICF Spain.
  • Member of the Latam and Spain Network of MCCs of the ICF.
  • Author of Essential Coaching, Essential Enneagram and Essentiality (2003).
  • Director and trainer of ICF certified training programs in Essential Coaching Level 2 and Level 3; and IEA certified programs in Essential Enneagram.
  • Master Consultant in Organizational Development from GR Institute.
  • Consultant, trainer, mentor-supervisor and international speaker.
  • Director and trainer in companies and with internationally accredited programs in Essential Coaching and Essential Enneagram.
  • Certificate in Training of Trainers.
  • Graduate in Psychology and Graduate in Philosophy.
  • Regular contributor to radio and TV.
  • Author of numerous articles and co-author of several books, including the book „Los trucos del formador“ (ed. Graó); „Sinergias entre la Psicología y el Coaching“ (ed. Kolima); “El Ser y el Hacer del coach” (ed. Granica); or “Más allá del Desarrollo Organizacional” (ed. Bubblebooks).
  • Painter and poet.


Years of coaching experience: 30+

In Cris’s lecture the Essential Enneagram and Essential Coaching will be deepened, in connection with the development of potential and wisdom, either for the coach himself or for his clients (individuals or companies).
It will be done from the theoretical framework of Essentiality, a philosophical-psycho-spiritual look, providing distinctions, models and tools that make it easier for the coach to accompany the journey of the ego to the essential being.
It will be done in a participatory way, with reflections and exercises.
Through meditations and poetry the participant will be able to connect with the power of his own potential.
The participant will be able to take learning and tools applicable to their coaching sessions regardless of their level of expertise or specialization.