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Laura Komoscin

MCC, Lifetime Award Winner for Outstanding Coaching Work & Book author

After working at Accenture as management consultant, she has been engaged in coaching as a professional since 2004.

She successfully supported executives and senior executives of several large companies like PEPSI, Ericsson, BOSCH, Morgan Stanley, Suzuki.

She wrote 4 books in Hungarian, 2 in English and one of them was translated to Arabic and published in 2021.

She was enrolled to the list of the 25 Most Important Hungarian Women in 2010. In 2011, she was the most known Hungarian coach.

She established the ICF Hungarian chapter and was the first president of it.

In 2014 she kick off a global self coaching CSR program and her self coaching eBook is avalilable for free on 23 languages.

She is MCC since 2020 and won lifetime achievement award for her coaching work in 2021.

She shared her knowledge on several ICF conference and chapter ecents in Viena, Warsaw, Bratislava and just organising book launch event in the Arabic world.

Years of coaching experience – 15+

What to expect from Laura’s lecture Periodic table of coaching tools:

How the coach and the client can connect on a personal level to create a working relationship. When selecting a coach, “chemistry” plays a crucial role and the idea of using chemistry both in the scientific and interpersonal sense inspired Laura Komoscin to write her book “Toolful Coach” where she describes 150 different coaching tools. She created a periodic table which systematically organises various coaching tools, while assigning a “symbol”, an abbreviation to each. summarising). Accessing all the tools on a single page in an organised and compressed fashion is a major help when it comes to finding the right approach for certain topics or phases where you lack ideas.