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Christopher Cooke, MSc. BA. I Eng. Member-INLPTA

Topic: “Values, Leadership and Change : How entrepreneurial priorities are reshaped and how coaching practices creatively evolve as life conditions become more complex”


Over the past 400 years entrepreneurial creativity has enabled us to exploit resources to create the good life.

Such resources include: - the minerals we mine and the plants that we grow to convert into useful products, food and fibre; - the business and social systems that we rely upon; - the science and manage practices that guide us; - the people whom we collaborate with and employ.

Globally and locally, climate change and the resulting large scale social changes, holds up a mirror to help us realise the unintended consequences of our previous decisions.

A new way of thinking and decision making is required and fast.

This presentation explains human creativity in a new way and offers practical ways for entrepreneurs today to lead into the future in response to the new demands from the planet, governments, employees and customers.

It is a time to lead or be led!

"For any organisation to innovate and thrive, I suggest that we have a fundamental social dynamic to consider, that of meaningful human engagement and complexity aware decision making. – Christopher Cooke – 2019”




Alla Kazieva, MBA

Topic: „How to select a professional coach“

Alla’s presentation will help you to articulate/define criteria for selecting external professional coaches and educating internal coaches for your organizations.


Shawna Corden, PCC

Topic: “Building a Coaching Culture for winning business”

Overworked leaders, organizations suffering from a lack of innovation and poor employee engagement (productivity, profitability and retention) benefit from a coach approach. You will learn what coaching is, why it works, coaching options and how to implement your coaching culture.

Workshop: "Building a Coaching Culture - Create your Manual for a Successful Business"


During the workshop, the participants will create an own playbook to implement a coaching culture in their own organizations to improve engagement (profitability, productivity and retention). They will learn how to:

  • outperform their competition with a coaching culture
  • analyze what will drive the organization's adoption of coaching
  • create a checklist - what needs to be done to spur action from your leaders
  • determine Key Performance Indicators



Pedja Jovanovic, PCC

Topic: “My Identity Journey”

The notion of identity became one prominent way to re-conceptualize self over the last few decades. In general terms, self is viewed as series of identities that can be invoked simultaneously. Once evoked, individuals' actions are directed at having others verify identities. At the same time, identities can act as filters of selective perception as we interact with the world.

The aim of this session is to invite you to the journey of self-knowledge and self-discovery, to cross over the limits and boundaries of our self-imposed ego identities, and ultimately get in touch with real, core identity. One session will not be enough to get in contact with it, but it can definitely invite you to raise the awareness and open that questions that will help you to get in touch with it through time. This journey is important as once you can grasp your Core Identity, you will be able to recognize it in others. In that way you will be able to reach and support others on a global scale. Once we recognize our birth given purpose we will be able to leave a legacy to the next generations.

The learning outcomes for the participants are:

  • Expending awareness
  • Making connection between transformation and achievement in coaching 

With learning that, participants will en-reach their way of coaching in following ways:

  • They will learn that whatever project client has it can be related to transformation of identity
  • They will learn that each emotional disturbance (positive or negative) is directly linked to identity transformation
  • They will open important questions related to their development







Veselka Tsocheva-Donkova, PCC and Meglena Beneva, PCC

Theme: “Spotlight practice - feeling vital, active, curious and alive”


  • Did you have that experience when you looked back and you realized you had a busy day, or even week, or a month, and you felt drained by what you did?
  • Have you heard those around you nagging about how they invested their effort and time?
  • Was there ever a moment when you wanted to be less in "must do tasks" and more in "spotlight activities"?
  • Do you believe you it's worth to build a habit of consciously deciding how to invest your energy and attention?

If you've answered with "Yes" to any of these questions you might want to join us during the Spotlight Coaching Practice.

Veselka and Meglena (PCC coaches with ICF) will be glad to start a conversation with you about the conscious and unconscious choices we make 24/7. They will share their perspective that

  • Balance is elusive but balancing is a craft one can master with an ease
  • Emotions are the fuel for the changes we need to make to live in alignment with ourselves
  • We are always at choice

They will invite you to play with a handy tool that is meant to make it both - possible and easy for us to make truthful choices and act in alignment. Ultimately, it is all about joyfully living our purpose.



Gergana Markova

"Changes come through"

The ability to make sustainable changes in our lives is one of the key skills for successful people at the time we live. On the other hand, people like us who are managers, trainers, coaches ... help others in doing that.

Our human nature is adaptive, but it goes through the state of stress and when the changes that we have to make become more, or more significant we tend to run away from them.

Each of us generally has more or less readiness to change in general. If we want to cope more easily with the changes, we could work on this readiness without focusing on a particular change.

The lecture will deal with:

  • Emotions of change;
  • A change-readiness questionnaire
  • How to develop the 7 aspects of readiness for change.
  • Specific stress management techniques for change;



Daniela Kissova, ACC и  Mariya Belopitova, ACC

Topic: “Coaching for business sustainability”


Studies show that businesses that direct their business towards community benefits and measure their performance through a complex  set of environmental, social, and governance parameters enjoy:

  • Higher rating among investors and the society
  • Lowest cost of capital
  • Higher financial results
  • Higher engagement and productivity of people employed with them

The session will focus on how a coaching approach can transform business challenges to sustainability.

Highlights will be given on how a business coach can contribute to a “sustainable” attitude at the workplace through an employee alignment with the goals, mission, and values of an organization, and can impact creating conditions for building a sustainable business.

The session will also touch on how coaching can enable and enhance relationships between a business and its stakeholders.


Daniela Mihaleva, PCC

Topic: “Coaching for motivation, engagement and retention of talents”

In her presentation Daniela is going to share her perspective towards the following questions:

  • Why coaching and talents work well together?
  • Why today’s leaders should look to new approach in building and transforming business – more in empowering talents, creating followers, showing courage, trust and passion?
  • Why developing and retaining talents is an investment in sustainable business success?

Together, we will focus on sharing business cases on how talents development, engagement and retention help companies in achieving outstanding business results, building delighted customer experiences and also in developing next generation leaders.


Ivaylo Bachvarov, ACC

Topic: “Line and middle management development with coaching and coaching culture”

The presentation is sharing experience and results from a year-long project for line and middle management development. Challenges, results, shared experience. How coaching supported the whole process.



Ivan Mirchev, ACC

Workshop: "PRESENCE - top skill for leaders, coaches or Power of PRESENCE”

To increase their own efficiency and the efficiency of their employees, today's leaders rely on skills that go beyond standard leadership competencies and formal authority. They develop and use meta-competencies that make them truly successful. A key one is presence. Presence creates trust, connectivity, belonging, sense of humanity. This enhances happiness, gives deeper meaning and motivation to work.

Besides influencing others, the presence gives the leaders themselves more satisfaction and commitment even when the challenges and stresses are great.

The presence is much more than creating a good first impression, showing charisma, authority, assertiveness, convincing speaking, body language skills, etc.

The real presence is the leader's ability to be authentically linked with his / her thoughts and feelings, with the current situation (tasks, challenges, needs) as well as with the thoughts and feelings of others.

Leaders with a presence do not try to impose themselves, their position, competence and ideas, but create a space in which others are bold and contribute fully to their ideas and competence. Present leaders are flexible, open to new ideas, ready for new changes, a new future, capable of working with different people and leveraging their potential. But what makes them most effective is that they are open to rediscovering and building on themselves.

In coaching the presence is a key skill, through which the coach creates a spontaneous and authentic relationship with the client, using an open, flexible and confident style. This creates an environment of security, trust and encouragement without which the coaching process is impossible.

Where are the intersections between leadership and coaching in terms of presence? What leaders can learn from coaching to be more present and more effectively impact their organization? How does presence make leadership and coaching impacting? Who are the murderers of leadership and coaching PRESENCE? How can we practically build it in our day-to-day work as leaders and coaches?

In the workshop we will look deeply at the authentic presence and its influence. We will learn to cope with internal and external obstacles for him and we will learn practices and techniques to achieve it.



Korneliya Veneva, ACC

Topic:"Influence to change via Invite to change"

Inviting people and teams to change using coaching skills in our daily life as professionals and leaders in a highly competitive and demanding environment. Or my 2-year journey with the company where I stopped coaching and coached all the time.

Sharing stories about influencing people and company by using coaching approach:

- description of the company culture we found

- how I slipped into the trap of “I know it all” and fast decision making;

- stories about implementing coaching approach into company daily life: open feedback, asking questions, appreciating, asking permission, clear contracting, looking for “why”;

- stories about changing fundamental leadership believes with introducing a few company policies;

- my personal leadership style that seemed ridiculous in the beginning because of the freedom it gave and ownership it required.




Lydia Shouleva, Executive Coach

Topic: „Coaching for Executives“


What Do the World’s Top Leaders Want from Executive Coaching?

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching is designed for successful executives who have been singled out by their organization as top leaders and high potentials?

With decades of experience coaching the world’s top leaders, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching has a clear picture of what leaders most want and need from executive coaching: essentially how to maximize both personal and business ROI.

Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching is for Guaranteed & Measurable Leadership Growth.



Мария Стайкова, PCC

Topic: “Coaching Culture in Numbers - the highlights of the last global researches of ICF & HCI”


Nadezhda Mihaylova, PCC and Elena Melani, ACC

Presentation and Workshop: "Parent as Coach - The New Generation Parent"

Workshop: “Parent as Coach - The New Generation Parent"

Workshop Description:

In the hectic daily life of many devoted contributors who are also parents there is often a sense of guilt that there is not enough and quality time for their children due to the professional responsibilities. On the other hand, many organizations are looking for innovative and authentic ways to increase the motivation and engagement of their employees on the workplace.

Erickson Coaching International found one of the cross points between the devotion to family and the commitment to the profession on one hand and the strive of the organizations to increase the engagement at the workplace on the other hand. They organize the program “Parent as coach - The New Generation Parent” for companies as a meaningful way to influence the motivation, engagement and talents retention.

During the conference, representatives of Erickson Coaching International in Bulgaria will share their experience and the benefits for companies who introduce “The Parent As Coach - The New Generation Parent” program as additional benefit and engagement incentive to their employees.

Nadezhda Mihaylova and Elena Melani will conduct a practical workshop so that the conference delegates can get a sense of how the program impacts the confidence of the parents and their satisfaction at work and at home. They will present the latest neuroscience research on brain development and how that can influence communication at home and as a consequence at the workplace.

Workshop topics:

- The Four Areas of Safety and how to best optimize our time with our child/children

- What really develops the capacity to think and create and how is that related to coaching - examples from neuroscience research

- Practical case studies and coaching exercises applicable with children from different ages

The workshop will be in group coaching format allowing each of the participants to personally experience the topic.



Neda Alkalay, MBA, ICF PCC, ECPC

Workshop: „How to be more INFLUENTIAL? - The difference between HAVING Influence and BEING Influential“

“The FIRST requirement for being an influential person is knowing yourself.”


INFLUENCE is an interesting piece of our human nature. It exists at all times, mostly without our awareness. It’s an important part of our rise to the top, our experience of work satisfaction, and our ability to contribute our best every day.

For the first time INFLUENCE can be measured, and what can be measured may be changed!

In this 90 minutes interactive workshop with coach approach we are going to share three key points about influence where you will:

  • Heighten your awareness of what real INFLUENCE is;
  • Learn what you already possess that makes you highly INFLUENTIAL (Seven Influence Traits®);
  • Apply 2 things you can do immediately to become more INFLUENTIAL when you leave the workshop.

The workshop is suitable for formal and informal leaders, managers, coaches, HR specialists, consultants, entrepreneurs, traders and anyone whose success depends on successful communication with colleagues, partners, clients, etc.

The session is experiential and is based on the Keller Influence Indicator® -  KII®, scientifically validated assessment that accurately measures one’s capability of being INFLUENTIAL. It was created to identify the strengths and the area for improvement of the person with regards to their INFLUENCE, based on the measurement of the Seven Influence Traits® - Courage, Commitment, Confidence, Empowering, Passion, Trustworthiness, Likeability. measures the INFLUENCE potential, which is valid in different organizational functions, teams and hierarchy levels.

All participants will have the opportunity to receive a free KII® (Keller Influence Indicator) & SOCR® (Summary of Organizational Competences Report) trial reports and one of the participants will have the opportunity to win a full free KII® report and a coaching debrief session.



Rosen Rashkov

Topic: “Career Focus And Life in Balance with Coaching”

Through stories  of his clients, Rosen will show how coaching has enabled high potentials to deal with disengagement and become key performers.

The first case follows the burnout - engagement spectrum and how a high potential employee can be retained for the company.

The second case sees an IT manager, dealing with the lack of trust in his team to affect their performance.

In both cases, the coach's intervention addresses challenges beyond the reach of traditional management, but they are successfully fought with the support of a coach and lead to the upward development of both the person and the team.


Teodora Kamenova, PCC

Topic: “To CommUniqueAte or not to CommUniqueAte – that is THE question!”

Come prepared for a 90 minute interactive workshop with practical exercises in groups.

You will find the answers to the following questions:

  • How do I CommoUniquate? (…Really?...)
  • What would my life be like if I invest three minutes a day for deep listening?
  • How could I become a better communicator with anyone – a child, a spouse, a colleague, a client, a stranger, a foreigner?
  • What might it be like if I invest three minutes focused attention and intention on myself, my needs and values?
  • What do I commit to changing and/or developing in myself using coach approach or working with a professional coach.

You will experience:

  • A deep dive into the coaching space and full presence.
  • А new level of self-reflection, self-knowledge and self-awareness, upon identifying personal blind spots in communication.
  • A better understanding and acceptance of personal differences with others, by being challenged to look for the common in them and to respect and value the different, the unique in people.
  • What diversity is - in a family or work environment; when you are among people who represent different culture, generation, gender, special needs etc.

You will leave the workshop with:

  • Outlined goals, decisions and action steps for development in the direction of effective communication with people that are diverse from you in certain aspects.
  • A new tool for meaningful connection and valuable time communicating with another human being.
  • ...A coach, provided that you identified “crossing points” with someone among the professional coaches around at the conference. As a result of it, upon completing the workshop, you would know how to chose him/her and you will have the opportunity to feel the one who’d best support you on your journey to the desired change in the future.



Vesela Dimitrova, Head of Learning & Development at SAP Labs Bulgaria

Topic: “Applying coaching in the corporation – we do it our way”

Vesela joined SAP Labs Bulgaria in 2009 and since then she is responsible for all learning and development activities – creating and maintaining an internal trainer community, organizing training events, designing and driving curricula for various expert roles, mentoring programs and other learning-related projects.

Vesela is an internal SAP coach, facilitator and trainer in personal development topics. She is also the Lead of SAP's education activities with schools and universities, gathered under the name SAP ITversity.

Vesela loves her day to day job as thus she helps colleagues to be more successful and fulfilled professionals and people.

Vesela will present the experience of a global company like SAP in applying coaching in the company:

o The benefits of SAP's global coaching program that enables colleagues to receive solid coaching training and be in-house coaches in addition to their day-to-day work

o How do we apply "pure" coaching and how it is perceived by colleagues, from interns to senior management

o What are our ways to create coaching culture and coaching thinking in the organization?


Julia Russo and Elena Melani, ACC

Topic: “Coaching as a smart benefit for the employees”


  • How does the organization we work recognize and support its people as holistic persons?
  • Which are the benefits that are effective in current VUCA times?
  • How does the company respond to people’s need for development and growth?

 The purpose of this workshop is to discuss these and other questions by looking at them through the lenses of practicality.

By working interactively with you, we will show how the partnership with a professional coach can meet the current needs of people in the company and how the "smart" benefit “coaching at the workplace” can help:

  • Improving people's self-esteem
  • Achieving work-life balance
  • Increasing employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Improving communication skills, conflict management and time management
  • building skills to deal with difficult situations
  • Creating trust in the employer
  • attracting and retaining the best professionals
  • a competitive advantage

If you are asking yourself those questions and you are looking for a "smart" future for you and your people, come to the "Coaching as a "smart” benefit for the people in the company” workshop on 14th of June




Vessela Angelova

Live Wave

Her name is Vessela and she fully reflects her name - in Bulgarian it means cheerful, merry. She prefers to present herself through dance, rather than words.

Entrepreneur at heart and soul, she has been developing her business experience for over 20 years in the sphere of advertising, marketing and trading. The themes of personal development, spirituality and leadership have always been of interest to her and led her to take them up with many teachers, authors and leaders. 

Her desire to be helpful to people inspired her to intertwine her knowledge and diverse practical experience into something new and constructive. In 2012 she created a unique practice for dancing meditation which she calls ‘’Live Wave’’.

For the last seven years hundreds of people had the opportunity to feel the power of this modest but perfectly working method which people can use to get to know themselves and the world around them, to discover their potential, as well as finding ways to unfold it. This is a one of its kind coаch-like process which looks like a dance. This is the freedom to “dance” yourself.



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